Directive on the security of government business

In October 2018, the Attorney-General, the Hon Christian Porter MP, issued the following Directive on the security of government business:

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring the secure delivery of Government business and continuing to build trust and confidence in our ability to engage with and manage security risks.

To achieve ongoing and effective delivery of Government business, I expect accountable authorities1 to meet the four security outcomes set out in the Protective Security Framework.

Entities realise the Protective Security Policy Framework's outcomes by implementing the framework's requirements and using security measures proportionately to address their unique security risk environments.

Security is everyone's business and I encourage Australian Government personnel to develop a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the importance of a positive security culture embedded across the entity.

The Australian Government, through my Department with oversight of the Government Security Committee, will continue to assess emerging security risks and develop and refine protective security policy that promotes efficient secure delivery of Government business.

The Hon Christian Porter MP

1Under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, the accountable authority of a Commonwealth entity is the person or group of persons responsible for, and with control over, the entity's operations.