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Good governance is the umbrella for effective protective security policy. Key principles guiding the development of good governance include:

  • conformance—how an entity uses protective security arrangements to ensure it meets the government's expectations
  • performance—how an entity uses protective security arrangements to contribute to its overall performance through the secure delivery of government business, while ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its people, information and assets.

The Protective Security Policy Framework is based on principles of public sector governance including:

  • accountability—being answerable for decisions and having meaningful mechanisms in place to ensure the entity adheres to all applicable protective security standards
  • transparency—clearly defining roles and responsibilities within entities for protective security functions and clear procedures for making decisions and exercising authority
  • efficiency—effectively using resources to implement risk-based protective security strategies
  • leadership—achieving an entity-wide commitment to protective security through effective leadership.

Standards Australia also has publications on good governance.