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Risk management of outsourced ICT arrangements (including Cloud)

The Australian Government Information security management guidelines—Risk management of outsourced ICT arrangements (including Cloud) provides a consistent and structured approach to undertaking a risk assessment when considering outsourced ICT arrangements for Australian Government information. They aim to help government decision-makers evaluate the benefits of the adoption of cloud computing services; and help agencies to consider the contextual risks specific to their agency and operating environment.

These guidelines cover:

  • applicable policy and legislation
  • outsourcing and offshoring, including:
    • complications arising from data being simultaneously subject to multiple legal jurisdictions
    • the difference in the business and legal cultures in other nations
  • Cloud use
  • overview of risk management for outsourced ICT arrangements, including:
    • applying International Standard ISO 31000: Risk Management—Principles and guidelines
    • organisational and strategic context
    • identifying risks
    • determining risk tolerance
    • questions to consider when determining risks within a Cloud context
    • potential threats when outsourcing information
    • mapping and assessing risks
    • determining potential consequences and likelihood
    • rating and evaluating risks
    • potential risk treatment options including outsourced treatment options
    • consultation and review.

Agencies should also refer to the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy produced by the Australian Government Information Management Office.

The guidelines are available to download below:

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