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Policy amendment – Sensitive and classified information

PSPF policy 8: Sensitive and classified information has been amended as follows:

  • Expanded use of the Australian Government Access Only (AGAO) security caveat
    This change, approved by the National Intelligence Subcommittee, expands the specified list of entities approved to share AGAO marked information with Fives Eyes (FVEY) representatives on exchange, long-term posting or attachment within their organisations, to all NIC members and the Department of Defence. The Australian Government Security Caveat Guidelines (available on GovTEAMS as version 2.1.3) has also been updated to reflect this change. See Table 3.
  • Warning notice to accompany the 'Legislative Secrecy' information management marker
    The 'legislative secrecy' information management marker is used to draw attention to the application of one or more specific secrecy provisions that impose confidentiality obligations on individuals or entities.
    To ensure the recipient is aware of the specific secrecy provision, you must now apply a warning notice when you use the optional ‘legislative secrecy’ information management marker. See Table 4.