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The Administrative Arrangements Order of 3 August 2023 transferred responsibility for protective security policy, including the Protective Security Policy Framework, to the Department of Home Affairs from the Attorney-General’s Department. These Machinery of Government (MOG) changes commenced on 4 August 2023.

Policy amendments – stakeholder responsibilities for ministerial staff security clearances

The following PSPF policies have been amended to detail stakeholder responsibilities for the sponsorship and management of the security clearances of ministerial staff:

Co-sponsorship arrangements

The Special Minister of State Determination 2018/27 requires that electorate or personal staff (ministerial staff) employed under Part III of the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 by Ministers obtain and maintain a Negative Vetting Level 2 security clearance. The Department of Finance has been managing these security clearances however, given the relationship between ministerial offices and the lead portfolio entity in each portfolio, sponsorship and management of security clearances for ministerial staff is to be shared by the lead entity in each portfolio and the Department of Finance (Finance).

Finance will retain responsibility for initiating the clearance process and managing the separation process. Ministers (or their Chief of Staff) are responsible for notifying Finance of staff commencing or separating, supporting the submission of security clearance paperwork, and advising on any personnel security risks.

Visit the new PSPF policy 13 annex Security clearance lifecycle for ministerial staff employed under Part III of the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 for more information.