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The Administrative Arrangements Order of 3 August 2023 transferred responsibility for protective security policy, including the Protective Security Policy Framework, to the Department of Home Affairs from the Attorney-General’s Department. These Machinery of Government (MOG) changes commenced on 4 August 2023.

Policy rewrite – Sensitive and security classified information

PSPF Policy 8: Sensitive and classified information has been reviewed and updated to clarify the core and supporting requirements and ensure the guidance helps end-users to better understand their responsibilities. Policy 8 now provides clear minimum protections for information as part of the supporting requirements–protections that are fit for purpose and appropriate for government's increasing use of mobile devices and flexible workplace practices.

Updates focused on the use and storage of sensitive and classified information, particularly when outside the office (for example when travelling domestically or overseas, attending external meetings or for home-based work), and differentiating between physical information and information accessed via mobile devices. A summary of the protections required for each protective marking and classification is provided in new Annexes (A-E).

In addition, the guidance on information management markers that was previously in Policy 9: Access to information is now incorporated into Policy 8.

Go to Sensitive and classified information page to read the revised policy.