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Directive on the Security of Government Business

The Directive on the Security of Government Business is the keystone of the protective security policy. It articulates the government's requirements for protective security to be a business enabler that allows entities to work together securely in an environment of trust and confidence.

On 21 October 2014, the Attorney-General Senator the Hon George Brandis QC, made the following directive:

The Australian Government is committed to effectively managing the protective security risks to Government business and building increased trust, confidence and engagement with the Australian people and our international partners.

The Government requires agency heads to have in place effective protective security arrangements to ensure:

  • their respective agency’s capacity to function
  • the safety of those employed to carry out the functions of govern​ment and those who are clients of government, and
  • official resources and information the agency holds in trust, both from and for the public, and those provided in confidence by other countries, agencies and organisations, are safeguarded.

To achieve this, agency heads are to apply the Protective Security Policy Framework and promote protective security as part of their agency’s culture. A progressive protective security culture that engages with risk will foster innovation, leading to the increased productivity of Government business.

The Australian Government, through my Department, will continue to develop and refine protective security policy that promotes the most efficient and effective ways to secure the continued delivery of Government business.​​​​​


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