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Agency personnel security responsibilities

The Australian Government personnel security guidelines—Agency personnel security responsibilities were developed to support the protection of people, information and assets, through sound personnel security practices.

The guidelines provide advice to agencies to assist in their application of the controls identified in the Australian Government personnel security protocol.

These guidelines cover:

  • the trusted insider threat
  • personnel security risk management
  • information sharing
  • procedural fairness
  • agency employment screening
  • ongoing suitability for employment, including:
    • monitoring and evaluating suitability
    • security awareness training
    • security incident reporting and investigation
  • agency actions on separation of personnel or those on extended leave
  • temporary access
  • agency security clearance requirements
  • eligibility waivers
  • ongoing security clearance maintenance
  • agency responsibilities to actively monitor security clearance holders, including:
    • annual health check
    • reporting changes in circumstances
    • Australian Government contact reporting scheme
    • agency actions on separation/ extended leave of personnel with security clearances
    • special requirements for the management of contractors’ clearances.

The guidelines are available to download below: