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Australian Government personnel security protocol

The Australian Government personnel security protocol provides more detailed advice for agencies to meet their mandatory personnel security requirements.

Personnel security is one element of good protective security management. The Australian Government's personnel security measures determine the suitability of personnel to access Australian Government resources—that is Australian Government people, information and assets. A suitable person demonstrates integrity and reliability and is not vulnerable to improper influence.

Effective personnel security facilitates the sharing of Australian government resources and is an essential mitigation tool to the threat posed by trusted insiders.

This protocol covers:

  • components of personnel security
  • identifying personnel security risks
  • employment screening
  • ongoing suitability for employment
  • agency security clearance requirements, including:
    • eligibility (citizenship and checkable background) waivers
  • temporary access to classified information, including:
    • ministerial staff employed under Part III of the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984
  • vetting agencies’ responsibilities
  • agency responsibilities to actively monitor security clearance holders, including:
    • security awareness training
    • annual health checks
    • sharing information
    • changes in circumstances
    • contact reporting
    • changes to security clearance sponsorship
    • clearance maintenance of contractors
  • agency separation actions.

The protocol is available to download below: