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Managing the insider threat to your business

Managing the insider threat to your business—A personnel security handbook addresses the risk of the malicious trusted insider. It provides guidance on the risks and factors associated with a trusted insider going rogue and offers practical measures to mitigate the threat.

This handbook outlines how you can better protect your organisation against the trusted insider by understanding the threat and evaluating the risks, by developing a robust personnel security framework.

The handbook emphasises the importance of being aware of potential threats from the insider to your operations, evaluating the risks, and incorporating these in your personnel security framework.

These guidelines cover:

  • understanding the insider threat, including:
    • types of trusted insiders
  • personnel security – what it is and why you need it, including:
    • organisational personnel security
    • pre-employment personnel security
    • ongoing personnel security
    • information and communications technology security.

The handbook is available to download below: