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Vetting practices

The Australian Government personnel security guidelines—Vetting practices have been developed to assist vetting agencies assess clearance subjects against common criteria that may impact on the clearance subject’s eligibility and suitability to hold a security clearance.

These guidelines should form the basis for security clearance policies and procedures for the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) and the authorised vetting agencies.

These guidelines cover:

  • competencies of vetting personnel
  • initiating a clearance process
  • clearance processing, including:
    • confirming eligibility
    • gaps, anomalies and discrepancies
    • supporting documents
    • vetting assessment checks
    • supplementary checks
    • ASIO security assessment
  • personnel security adjudicative guidelines
  • assessing officers recommendation to the delegate
  • delegates decision
  • advising the clearance subject and their sponsoring agency of the clearance decision
  • review or appeal of clearance decisions
  • clearance maintenance
  • personnel security file management.

The guidelines are available to download below: