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The Administrative Arrangements Order of 3 August 2023 transferred responsibility for protective security policy, including the Protective Security Policy Framework, to the Department of Home Affairs from the Attorney-General’s Department. These Machinery of Government (MOG) changes commenced on 4 August 2023.

Policy 13: Ongoing assessment of personnel

  • Personnel security
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This policy describes how to maintain ongoing confidence that personnel are suitable to access Australian Government resources. It also details how to manage the risk of malicious or unwitting insiders. 


Accountable authorities must consider their risk environment when determining a person's ongoing suitability to access Australian Government resources.

Both sponsoring entities and vetting agencies are responsible for maintaining security clearances. Where required, they must share information of security concern about personnel.

Monitoring and maintenance includes:

  • annual security checks
  • eligibility waiver reviews
  • compliance monitoring for conditional clearance holders
  • collecting, assessing and sharing information of security concern.

Security clearances are only valid for certain periods of time. Vetting agencies must revalidate clearances by confirming a holder’s eligibility and suitability and conducting the minimum personnel security checks.

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