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Policy 7: Security governance for international sharing

  • Security governance
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This policy details protections for sensitive and security classified information and assets under international sharing agreements and arrangements to which Australia is a party.


Australia has in place international treaty-level agreements, or less-than-treaty-status arrangements, that provide for equivalent international protection of Australian Government sensitive and security-classified resources. Entities must adhere to the provisions contained in these.

Where appropriate Australia takes a whole-of-government approach to international information sharing agreements.

When entities establish new agreements and arrangements they should contact the Attorney‑General's Department to discuss their information sharing requirements. This helps to ensure consistent protections for sensitive and security classified information.

The PSPF prevents sensitive and security classified Australian Government resources from being shared with a foreign entity unless there are explicit legislative provisions, international agreements or arrangements to protect these resources.

Some international agreements or arrangements allow security assessment visits where foreign personnel access secure areas or facilities. International agreements and arrangements commonly require that the Attorney‑General's Department or a Competent Security Authority must approve these security assessment visits in writing before they take place.

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