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Significant security incident reporting template

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Requirement 2 of PSPF policy 5: Reporting on security mandates that entities must report any significant or reportable security incidents to the relevant authority or affected entity. This includes reporting to the Attorney-General’s Department.

A significant security incident is a deliberate, negligent or reckless action that leads, or could lead to, the loss, damage, compromise, corruption or disclosure of official resources. A significant security incident can have wide ranging and critical consequences for the entity and the Australian Government.

The Attorney-General’s Department encourages entities to report significant security incidents to the Attorney-General’s Department via the PSPF online reporting portal.

If you are unable to report via the PSPF online reporting portal, please complete the form below and send to If the completed form is classified SECRET or above, please contact the PSPF Hotline on (02) 6141 3600 for advice on submitting.