PSPF fact sheets, glossary and publications

Securing government business: Protective security guidance for executives booklet

'Securing government business: Protective security guidance for executives' is a 36 page booklet that includes the Attorney-General's directive on the security of government business and a summary of all the PSPF core and supporting requirements.

Protective security policy glossary

This glossary defines the common terms used in the PSPF. The document is not exhaustive. Please contact us via the contact form with any suggestions for the inclusion of other terms.

PSPF fact sheets

The PSPF fact sheets have been developed to assist with interpreting and implementing aspects of the PSPF that have undergone significant change or where additional information may be beneficial. More fact sheets will be made available over the coming months.

PSPF posters

These posters may be distributed to all staff or displayed within entity facilities to raise awareness of the PSPF reforms and provide an overview of the PSPF requirements.