This section contains a range of different resources to support implementation of the PSPF:

  • PSPF fact sheets and publications – these fact sheets and publications have been developed to support implementation of the PSPF. Some will be useful for all staff within an entity, while others are targeted to help security advisors and/or the Chief Security Officer understand more about their role under the PSPF.
  • Australian Government resources on protective security – a number of other Australian Government entities provide information and advice that is relevant to implementing the PSPF. This page also includes information on the protective security policy community on GovTEAMS.
  • Relevant Australian and international standards – the PSPF refers to a number of Australian and international standards, which are listed in full on this page.
  • International protective security resources – this page provides links to resources available from our international partners.

If you are looking for a resource or link and can't find it on this website, please contact the PSPF team through the 'Contact us' form.