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Relevant international security information

Our international partners have a range of resources that can assist agency security managers develop their agency's policies and procedures. This list is not exhaustive, agencies using other information sources are requested to contact us and provide details.


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat is responsible for Canadian protective security policies, directives, standards and guidelines.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provide policy and practical advice to Canadian agencies on physical security.

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New Zealand

New Zealand Security Intelligence Service

The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) is a government agency, responsible for giving the government advice about matters relating to New Zealand's security. The NZSIS is responsible for the document Protective Security Requirements (PSR). The PSR is the New Zealand equivalent of the PSPF.

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United Kingdom

UK Cabinet Office

The United Kingdom (UK) Cabinet Office maintains protective security policies for the UK Government.

This includes the UK Security Policy Framework which provides central internal protective security policy and risk management for UK Government departments and associated bodies. 

Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure resources

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) provides integrated security advice (combining information, personnel and physical) to organisations which make up the UK national infrastructure. CPNI advice helps to reduce the vulnerability of the UK national infrastructure to terrorism and other threats to national security.

CPNI advice covers security planning, physical security, personnel security and cyber security/information assurance.

The CPNI YouTube channel contains short videos that can be used to assist in agency security awareness training.

Defence Business Services National Security Vetting and FCO Services

The Defence Business Services National Security Vetting (DBS NSV) and FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) Services provide vetting to the UK Government (excluding the intelligence agencies).

DBS NSV is the UK's largest government organisation carrying out national security vetting and the only government organisation whose core business is security vetting.

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United States

Department of Homeland Security – National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD)

NPPD works with partners at all levels of United States (US) Government, and from the private and non-profit sectors, to share information and build greater trust to make US cyber and physical infrastructure more secure.

Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC)

Researchers at the United States PERSEREC:

  • conduct applied research and development to improve personnel suitability, security, and reliability policy and practice
  • conduct long-term programmatic research and development for the human resource management, security, and intelligence communities
  • provide quick-response studies and analyses in support of policy formation and systems operation
  • disseminate research information to policymakers and practitioners
  • develop innovative systems, tools, and job aids for policymakers, managers, and practitioners concerned with personnel suitability, security, and reliability.

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