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Protective Security Policy Framework

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PSPF whole-of-government compliance reporting

As a policy of the Australian Government, non-corporate Commonwealth entities must apply the PSPF to the extent of their enabling legislation. Entities are required to undertake an annual self-assessment of their PSPF compliance, then report on their security posture and measures taken to address identified key risks.

PSPF 2016-17 whole-of-government compliance report

All non-corporate Commonwealth entities submitted a PSPF compliance report for 2016-17. The consolidated PSPF 2016-17 compliance report provides an overview of the implementation of the 36 mandatory requirements for that period. While few entities are fully compliant with all of the PSPF, the government's security posture is still broadly sound - on average, non-corporate Commonwealth entities fully comply with a significant proportion of requirements.

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